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I love dogs, my kids, travelling, Sushi, Bali, Las Vegas, almost every type of music but most of all, my husband, Peter.

Domain Registration, as requested by blogging class…

There was some discussion last night on the last night of our blogging course about where to register a domain name.  There are many choices, apparently many are very unscrupulous about what they do with the data they ask for when you register with them.  I have been with http://www.directnic.com/ for nearly 10 years now and have never had any problems with them.  They never communicate with me unless I’m coming to the end of my (three year) contract, I have never been approached by a company affiliated with them and when I have had a query, they have sorted it out really quickly and efficiently.  All you can ask for really..

Good luck to all my fellow bloggers – it was a pleasure spending three Thursday evenings with you!  And Marcia, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat about our blogs…


Decisions, Decisions

Last week of our blogging course.

….and this week, we’re learning about adding media.  So feel free to go ahead and entirely ignore this post as it’s all for training purposes.  It will of course result in some fabulous new posts in the future (or at least an attempt)

This place is, without question, my favourite place in the world. I LOVE Ubud, Bali – particularly the outlying country. So green, so peaceful.

Out at the beach.

On this beautiful day, we love to hike and then hit the beach to eke out one last day of summer..

….and while we’re on the subject of Rottweilers.

This is my Turner, my beloved mini Rottweiler who passed away last year on 22nd November, 2011. The Addisons Disease took its toll on his body until we had to let him go. These last five weeks have involved a lot of looking through old photos as I’ve been designing my new website, blog and Facebook pages and I have been reminded many times a day how much we all miss him. His death still hurts us all terribly. Turner was a rock star in the area – everyone knew him, everyone loved him. He was a kids Therapy Dog for many years and he loved to snuggle up with a kid more than anything else in life. He’ll be retrieving a ball in the afterlife as we speak – but without the pain.

Quepos and Balu. Love.

A pair of hams...

They’ve been boarding with us several times a year for about 4 years now – and it has to be said that they are some of our favourite boarding clients. EVERYONE that lives and works here gets excited when Q and B are coming to town! Here they are getting extra privileges and laying on the bed. Rottweilers have a very special place in our hearts and minds – and we have only ever found them to be loving, attentive, calm, well-behaved and balanced dogs…