Meet J.D!

He’s our newest client and he’s had SO much fun here today! We started him out with a good long hike this morning and he’s been hanging out with us this afternoon, basking in the sun! He’s with us for a few weeks of daycare and is already a big hit!


A truly inspirational post, which made me think hard about how I want to bring up my (very) young daughter to be a capable, critical, free-thinker….


Nazis 1

In my opinion, there are two uber-evils in this world, religions and politics.  They often times are one-and-the-same.    They often create rifts in relationships, so I venture into this topic carefully.

I no longer relate religions with God or spirituality.

I no longer relate politics with truth or justice.

After watching tonights presidential debate I feel compelled to share a “poem” from a man who lived in times that were not dissimilar from ours.  Please read it and draw your own conclussions.

My reason for sharing this with you is — I see one candidate trying to lead our world to peace and the other willing to go to war for economic prosperity.  Please dig deep into your own heart and soul for your own answers.    If you start to ask more questions, all the better.  I apologize for not being able to express myself better at such a crucial…

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Really proud of our new website!

This week marks a milestone in Wild Thyme Dogs history. When I moved here back in 2002, I never dreamed that I would be lucky enough to be able to work in any field other than HR – which I had been doing for 12 years. I had enjoyed many aspects of the work but, like many people, the corporate pressure, punishing hours and lack of real fulfillment was gradually getting me down.

Moving to Canada meant that I was temporarily unable to work in paid employment whilst I waited for my permanent resident paperwork to come through. That gave me the ideal opportunity to volunteer to walk dogs for the SPCA and then to foster rescue dogs for the Royal City Humane Society. One thing led to another, and soon I was finding that I had regular walking clients of my own. And I discovered that I had not only a lifelong love of dogs but also a real talent for developing their good behaviour, managing a pack and ensuring that they had a really good time whilst out walking with our group.  Wild Thyme Dogs was born in April 2002.

Boarding them overnight was a natural extension of my now flourishing daycare and walking business. And I never considered any other way of doing things than having them sleep around our bed at night, alongside our own dogs. It’s how dogs sleep in the wild and it makes for a much happier pack – in our case a human/dog pack!

The business has gone from strength to strength over the years. We now have more than 200 clients – some of whom board their dogs with us, some who bring their dogs to daycare every week and some who buy their raw food for dogs and cats from us. Many of them do all of the above!  People travel from as far as Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Pemberton to have their dogs stay with us.  We never forget how lucky we are to have been entrusted with their furry kids.

This week sees the launch of our brand-new website Developed with Judd Cochrane of Cochrane Creative, it’s a beautiful, photo-rich site which explains our philosophy for prospective clients and showcases our unique services.  For the first time, we have a real-time feed from Instagram, Twitter and our new WildThymeBlog.  It also keeps our current clients up to date on what’s going on and shows them recent photos of their dogs having a TON of fun!  We’re really happy with our new site and urge you to go and take a look – Judd and his company did a great job.